Downsview Secondary School 50th Anninversary - May 13 2006 - Mainly 1966 Graduates

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1966 at Downsview
Bev Hood, Janice Smith, Jay Telfer
Bev Hood, Ellen Parish
Mr. Mike Palermo (PhysEd teacher), Gavin Herman, Janice Smith, Bev Hood, David Kindred
Ian Kindred, Jay Telfer
Katie Knox, Al Gordon
Ian Kindred, Phoebe Wellman
Debbie Goodman, Ian Kindred, Phoebe Wellman, Gwen Bossin
Ian Kindred, Barry Tepperman, Harry Uhrig, Alan Vale, Harvey Branicky
Judy Lemmon, Ian Kindred, Carol Clark
Al Gordon, Tony Canale
Tony Canale, Gordene Moyle
Aldur Kundar, Gordene Moyle
Jay Telfer, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Mob Scene in Gymnasium
Mob Scene in Gymnasium
Bob Palmateer, Al Gordon, Ian Kindred, Jeff Ramson
Joanne Campbell, David Kindred, Noni Campbell
Joanne Campbell, Ian Kindred, Noni Campbell
Brian Feldman, Al Gordon
Roger Tupling
Bari-Lynn Pratt, Douglas Flett
Jay Telfer, Al Gordon
Jay Telfer, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Bev Hood, Janice Smith, Jay Telfer
Blair Sleightholm, Joanne Bourel Slaightholm, Jay Telfer
Ellen Drenth
Gordene Moyle, Bari-Lynn Pratt, Heather Pratt
Be very afraid!
Heather Pratt, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Freddy Granek, David Kindred
Teacher, Wendy Kindred, Teacher
Karen McCann
Janice Smith
Karen McCann, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Rabble-Rousing Propaganda
David Kindred, Ian Kindred, Al Gordon
David Kindred, Kathy Allen, Ian Kindred, Al Gordon
Brian Feldman, Ian Kindred, Al Gordon
Danny Sutton, Noni Campbell, Frank Sosin
Danny Sutton, Noni Campbell, Frank Sosin
Karen McCann, Joanne Campbell, Daniel Sutton
Rick Campbell
Rick Campbell
Rick Campbell
David Kindred, Ian Kindred, Ray Simard (married to Wendy Kindred), Harvey Branicky
Richard Simpson, Peter Simpson, Please email me if you know this person's name
David Kindred, Ian Kindred, Wendy Kindred
The Glory that was (never) Downsview
Bari-Lynn Pratt
Phoebe Wellman
Tommy Pell
50s and 60s Museum
Fred Granek
Heather Pratt
Bev Hood
Janice Smith
Blair Sleightholm
Debbie Goodman, Al Gordon, Phoebe Wellman, Gwen Bossin
Debbie Goodman, Al Gordon
Debbie Goodman
Gwen Bossin
Alan Vale
Barry Tepperman
Alan Vale
Al Gordon, Barry Tepperman, Harry Uhrig, Alan Vale
Carol Clark, Judy Lemmon
Judy Lemmon, Al Gordon, Carol Clark
Jay Telfer, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Jeff Ramson
Bob Palmeteer
Joanne Campbell, David Kindred, Noni Campbell
Kathy Allen
Terry King, Sheila McPhee, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Mr. Sheldrake, Al Gordon
Brian Feldman, Al Gordon
Anne Carter, Karen Carter (sisters of Quint Carter)
Gates to Hell
91 Cuffley - Heritage home of the Kindreds (tarted up)
Student Council Warlords
Student Council Ballot
Student Council Ballot
Cheerleaders - Hot damn!
Al Gordon, Phoebe Wellman
Jay Telfer, Bari-Lynn Pratt
Al Gordon, Ian Kindred, Mr. Sheldrake
Ian Kindred, Mr. Sheldrake, Al Gordon
Mr. Sheldrake looking at his 1964 spy photo (taken by Ian Kindred)
Mr. Sheldrake, Al Gordon
Ian Kindred, Brian Feldman, Al Gordon, Mr. Sheldrake
Brian Feldman, Al Gordon
Terry King (married to Kathy Allen)
Gavin Herman, Bev Hood, Evie MacDonald (now Morrow)
David Kindred, Ian Kindred, Danny Sutton, Gavin Herman
Frank Sosin, Noni Campbell, Bev Hood, Janice Smith, Heather Pratt
Karen McCann, Danny Sutton, Patty Coulter
Diane Marks (now Fryer), David Kindred. Diane is a newly-minted Master of Divinity of the Anglican Church, so watch the language!
Dorothy Woodman (now Fitzgerald), Nina Greco, Diane Marks (now Fryer)
Diane Marks (now Fryer), our brand new Master of Divinity
Noni Campbell, Heather Pratt
Rochelle Shylit, Bev Hood
Perry Hughes
The Grand Mural
Mickey Kay
Roger Tupling
Avro Arrow Nostalgia
A more frequent visitor to Downsview than when we were there
When all that mattered was burning rubber
Even Rambler got into the muscle-car business

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