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The Islet Foundation
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Table of Contents

What's New / Interesting Places to Visit
What is The Islet Foundation?
Some Recent History
Diabetes - Cause, Cure, and Future
One Way to Replace Islet Cells
Encelle - A Novel Approach
A Visit to Encelle, Inc.
The People who Decide our Fate - NZ Minister of Health
New Zealand Lifts Ban on Xenotransplants
In Defense of Xenotransplantation...
JDFI/NASA Beta Cell Replacement Workshop (Dec 2-3/97)
The Xenotransplantation Debate - Science or Superstition?
National Forum on Xenotransplantation - Ottawa
The Xenotransplantation Debate Continues
OECD/NYAS International Xenotransplantation Workshop
      Why Xenotransplantation?
      The Fear of Xenotransplantation - Spectrum of Xeno Risk/Benefit
      The First Xenotransplant Trials - Start with the easiest!
      Speakers and Participants
Testimony at Institute of Medicine on the NIH Research Priority-Setting Process April 3, 1998
Xenotransplantation is safe! CDC Report and Latest Xeno Events
      New Scientist -- CDC Report on Recipients of Porcine Tissue Transplants (August 8 1998)
      New Scientist -- Editorial on Xenotransplantation (August 8 1998)
      BBC News Online -- Pig Viruses Don't Pass to Humans (August 8 1998)
      XVII World Congress of the Transplantation Society, Montréal (July 12-17 1998)
      Bioartificial Organs II: Conference Report, Banff, Alberta, Canada (July 1822 1998)
The Lancet on Xenotransplantation - Proceed with Care
      Xenotransplantation and Risk of Infection
      No evidence of infection with porcine endogenous retrovirus in recipients of porcine islet-cell xenografts
      No evidence of pig DNA or retroviral infection in patients with short-term connection to pig kidneys
      Expression of pig endogenous retrovirus by primary porcine endothelial cells and infection of human cells
      No clear answers on safety of pigs as tissue donor source
Nature Medicine -- UK Moves Ahead on Xenotransplantation
Testimony to Committee on Health of the Canadian House of Commons on Xenotransplantation - February 4, 1999
Televised Debate on Xenotransplantation - Margaret Somerville and Alastair Gordon - March 5, 1999
Green Light for Xenotransplantation! FDA Xenotransplantation Subcommittee Meeting, June 3-4, 1999
Xenotransplantation - Ethics, Science and Governance - Meech Lake June 13-15 1999
Diabetes Research Institute - A World of Hope Conference, October 15-17 1999 - Just Cure It!
The Edmonton Protocol - Breakthrough in Curing Diabetes!
JDF Creates Research Program Focused Exclusively on Islet Transplantation at Harvard University
Testimony Before Committee on NIH Funding Priorities
Diabetes Research Working Group - April 29, 1998
Diabetes Research Working Group - July 9, 1998
VivoRx Announces Clinical Trials and Soon-Shiong Departs
Letters to Help Advance A Cure for Diabetes
Public Message Forum - The Sounding Board

Interesting Places to Visit...

The Islet Trials Referral and Update Service provides information on key islet transplantation trials now underway.

The Islet Foundation now has a mirrored site in Japan, thanks to Dr. Shinji Kagimoto, M.D., Ph.D., Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Kagimoto has translated our site into Japanese to create access for people in his country. If you have a Japanese browser, please visit our TIF Japanese Site. Our thanks to Dr. Kagimoto for this important contribtion.

Diabetics Unite! is a web site created by Deanna Gaston who provides a candid revelation of the toll exacted on her family by 29 years of diabetes. Deanna challenges the revered icons of diabetes research, including the $165-million Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), and asks why realistic and promising cure research is not the number one priority of our funding organizations.

As a result of a combined pancreas and kidney transplant, Deb Butterfield is today a former diabetic. To create a better understanding of the secondary complications of diabetes and the full range of treatments available, Deb founded The Insulin-Free World Foundation. This site offers a spectrum of information on existing diabetes treatment options and the centers at which these procedures are available. 

Everybody who lives with diabetes should know about Diabetes Interview, a newspaper published in San Francisco. Diabetes Interview treats its readers as intelligent, thinking participants and discusses current treatment, promising research, industry trends, and controversies.

This is a site that everyone whose has a child, or who is a child, with diabetes should visit. You will find a goldmine of practical information on diabetes care and treatment. 

US Food & Drug Administration Guidelines for Xenotransplantation Reprint Acrobat PDF Version

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